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Pre-Purchase Reports

Wizebuy Building Inspections compiles a very comprehensive, easy to read report which gives reassurance to our customers. Our report gives a detailed script of the property, including points of interest noted and colourful photographs; this to give to you a reflection as to the ‘health’ of the home/property.

The inspection involves a non-invasive visual inspection of the property by an accredited building surveyor. The purpose of the inspection is to establish if the property suffers from any significant fault or defect which is reasonably identifiable at the time of the inspection.

The specific aspects of the property that will be included in the inspection and the report will relate exclusively to the main dwelling/building on the property unless there is further discussion and agreement with the client to include other buildings.

Our report is completed adhering to the Residential Property Inspection New Zealand Standard (NZS 4306:2005), the report will include a Certificate of Inspection in Accordance with NZS 4306:2005 showing the areas inspected:

  • Site
  • Subfloor
  • Exterior
  • Roof exterior
  • Roof space
  • Interior
  • Services
  • Accessory units, ancillary spaces and buildings

Safe & Sanitary Reports (Third Party) Reports

The term “Safe and Sanitary” evolved around the time the first Building Act was introduced in 1992. Up until 1992 all building work required a ‘Building Permit’ and post 1993 under the new Building Act 1991 all building work required under Councils were then renamed ‘Building Consents’.

The Building Act had provisions within it to allow councils to declare a building unsafe or insanitary however, if the unauthorised works had been carried out in a good tradesman like practice, then a Safe and Sanitary Report could be written by a suitably qualified person, which the report is then submitted to Council. It is at the Councils discretion as to the acceptance and filling of such reports.

A Safe and Sanitary report may resolve issues that have arisen from a LIM (Land Information Memorandum) report completed on a property.

Certificate of Acceptance

A Certificate of Acceptance (COA) is required for any illegal works that has been carried out after mid 1993. A COA report is a far more in-depth report and the requirements to achieve a COA are set at a far greater height. The requirement under the Building Act 2004 is that all works that have been illegally undertaken must comply with the requirements of today’s standards and building codes.

Wizebuy Building Inspections puts together on behalf of the property owner an application for a C.O.A with an in-depth report outlining all areas that are required to comply with the building requirement. This will include specs, plans, manufacturer’s installation details, pictures and other supportive documentation. This must be submitted to the T.A. (council) with their formal COA application form and required fee. As with the Safe and Sanitary it is to the Councils discretion as to whether they accept or decline the application.

Code Compliance Issues

  1. Have you found that a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is outstanding on a building consent?
  2. Is Council saying that this consent is too old for a CCC to be issued?
  3. Are you seeking further assistance to resolve the CCC issue?

Wizebuy Building Inspections will undertake a review of the outstanding building consent and provide direction and a potential way forward to rectify any outstanding consent/s that have not been signed off and given Code Compliance Certificate.

Wizebuy Building Inspections will submit a report along with the Code Compliance Certificate Application to the council involved and will follow through to resolution.

Without a Code Compliance Certificate, some insurance companies will not insure your property or you may find that insurance companies will no longer insure your property in case of an accident.

A Code Compliance Certificate for building consents ensures that the building is in compliance with all the necessary standards and codes that it was issued under.

Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Issues

If a LIM has been issued and there is a point of concern noted regarding property matters, Wizebuy Building Inspections can consult with you on the issues and seek a possible resolution. One of them may be that of an outstanding building consent that has not been issued a Code Compliance Certificate. (refer to CCC Issues).

Cladding Assessments

Wizebuy Building Inspections are able to carry out a visual assessment of your building’s exterior cladding, identifying defects if any in the cladding system, and provide a written report as to the current condition.

Moisture Assessments

Wizebuy Building Inspections will also carry out a moisture assessment analysis using a moisture scanner through to an invasive method (moisture probes) to determine if there are any systemic problems of moisture ingress with the building structure.

Meth Testing

Methamphetamine-contaminated buildings are becoming an increasing problem with crippling health effects and devastating financial woes that cause further grief. It can be manufactured anywhere; from a tin shed out the back to upmarket homes and motels, in any socioeconomic areas.

If you would like a meth test to be undertaken along with other services we offer, please contact us.