Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have been asked all kinds of questions, here are some of the most common things we get asked. Click on a subject below for more information.


A pre-purchase inspection is a visual inspection of the residential buildings which involves Wizebuy Building Inspections to inspect the property, adhering to the NZ Residential Property Inspection Standard NZS 4306:2005. Moisture scanning is also used in every inspection that is carried out to check for any elevated moisture readings that may not be visually evident. A non-invasive measuring device, a Trotec T660 Moisture Scanner is used to obtain indicative moisture content readings.

We cover Hamilton, and the greater Waikato, including the Thames/Coromandel area. We do have fixed prices for the on-site inspections, but depending on where in the region the inspection is to take place, some travel costs may be charged. We would certainly advise you of the fee before any inspection would take place. If you are requesting a meth test on the building, or require further consultancy on any building issues, then further fees will be applicable.

It would be appropriate to seek permission from the real estate agent and possibly the owner before permission can be given.

When you make a request for an inspection with Wizebuy Building Inspections, we ask when you need the report by. We then schedule the onsite inspection straight away and ensure that we complete the report as soon as possible. Our service is to deliver the Pre-Purchase Report to you via email within 1-2 working days. A hard copy posted also.

Yes. Moisture scanning is used throughout the structure where indicative moisture content readings of the framing is taken. We use a Trotect T660 Moisture Scanner in our pre-purchase inspections. Any concerns that we find at the time are noted within our report to you.

Safe & Sanitaries

A Safe and Sanitary Report is a means of legitimizing building works that were undertaken prior to 1st July 1992.

These reports can be provided to lawyers acting for purchasers or they can be submitted to a council where the council will file on the property file and where applicable acknowledge that the council will take no further action in the future providing the works being the subject of the report are not altered in the future.

Code Compliance Issues

Wizebuy will review the outstanding consent and then advise on what the options are to resolve this issue in order to bring the outstanding Code Compliance issues to a resolution.

Moisture Assessments

Wizebuy Building Inspections uses a specialised moisture meter when carrying out on-site inspections which can give a good indication if there is a potential moisture issue. Some issues may be straight forward where other issues may be of concern and could require further invasive investigation.

Meth Testing

It can be a modern home to an old cottage, a house in the suburbs or a rural home. Meth labs can be set up anywhere and you would never detect it straight off as it’s very hard to see the signs.

For your own safety and health from exposure of dangerous toxins and chemicals, it would be of peace of mind to know that you and your family are in a safe environment.